fall home showings

If you are thinking about selling your home this fall, you have made a great decision!
Fall is a great time of year to sell a home–families have returned from summer vacations, kids have gone back to school and the weather is beautiful. Here are a few tips to help you to get your home ready for your first showing.

  • You want your home to be clear of clutter, shiny clean  and welcoming. Use scents of lemon, fresh coffee, fresh baked cookies or warm apple pie just before showings to add to warmth and a fresh scent. Remember that scents should not be overwhelming–you don’t want to be remembered as the “cinnamon house”!
  • Check to make sure that your home is warm–cold, unheated homes make buyers uncomfortable and cause them to rush through without lingering to really look at your home.
  • Make sure that your home has great lighting so that it looks bright. Turn the lights on in every room to help buyers remember the rooms, and open all blinds and window coverings to let in as much natural light as possible. No light=no room memories. This also makes your home look much larger in buyer’s minds.
  • If you have a fireplace, turn it on to set a “cozy” feeling, and arrange the furniture in the room so that the fireplace is the focal point.
  • Remember that curb appeal is still important—rake leaves, remove dead flowers, consider a front door fall arrangement.

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Fall Front Door Decor

Use Color. When painting your front door, use a traditional color, and paint the full door and frame. This makes the door appear larger and allows it to really stand out.  Don’t be afraid to use color for your fall decor. The autumn color palette offers so many rich and wonderful colors–purples, rusts, golds, yellows, oranges, deep greens, and browns–that can all be used to make your fall front door décor look great!

Include Natural Elements. Add a touch of nature into your front door’s wreath or décor. Branches, corn husks, berries, pumpkins, bale of hay, mums, cabbages and other materials can be easily added to a decorative wreath or swag to enhance the overall appeal and to bring out the inspired by nature feel.

Add some new touches. A new door mat, a new outside light and most importantly, new house numbers. It is important to ensure that house numbers are large enough and easily seen so that ambulance and fire departments can find you in emergencies.

Think outside the wreath. If a traditional wreath is not for you, there are lots of other options. Add a simple and unique touch with a fall themed garland around your front door; think corn husks, twines of faux leaves or colored ribbons and raffia. Or, for a trendy twist, try a monogrammed door decoration or simple picture frame painted in a unique color or with an interesting pattern inside.

Remember that simple is best. You may get some great ideas from Terra Greenhouses in Milton www.terragreenhouses.com, or from visiting your local nursery for inspiration.

Lorraine Randall


5 Simple Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

If your home’s curb appeal makes a great first impression, everyone — including potential homebuyers — will look forward to seeing what’s inside. Here are a few simple, low-cost improvements that you can do yourself to help to boost your home’s curb appeal.

Install Lights Along the Sidewalk. Lights that lead to your entryway welcome guests after dusk, and also help to increase safety. Soft exterior lighting also makes your home appear more inviting and friendly, and can emphasize landscaping and any other features that you may want a prospective buyer approaching your front entrance to notice.

pathway lit

Paint the Front Door. A fresh coat of paint can transform your front door and provide a more welcoming entryway into your house.

Upgrade your hardware. One of the simplest, and most overlooked, ways to improve curb appeal is changing out hardware; the outdated lock and handle on your front door, rusty porch fixtures, and installing or replacing decorative house numbers.

painted front door

Cut Back Trees and Bushes. It doesn’t matter how attractive your home is if no one can see it! Trees, branches, and shrubs can obscure your home’s best features and make it seem dark and uninviting.

Plant Flowers. Planting flowers is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to make a big impact. Get recommendations from a garden center on what plants and flowers thrive in your area, or, just look and see what works in your neighbor’s gardens and flower beds.

manicured landscapes

Buy or Sell First?

If you have decided that your current house is no longer meeting all of your needs and that it’s time to move to a different house, you may find yourself considering what to do first: buy the new house or sell your current home. In each approach, there are pros and cons to consider.
When it’s a buyer’s market (there are lots of homes for sale and few buyers), most people will choose to sell first. This is a safe route and helps to make sure that you do not end up owning a new house and unable to sell your current home, and also lets you know how much money you have to work with when you look for your new home. The downside of selling first is that if you don’t find the right property before the closing date of the house you’ve already sold, you may be left in a position of purchasing a home that doesn’t meet all of your expectations.
If you find a home with a uniqueness or price that cannot be passed up, you may decide to buy a new house before listing your current home so that you don’t miss out on a great opportunity. If you buy first in a buyer’s market, you may get a good price for your new house, but you could end up having to finance both homes and carry the extra debt until you sell.
Your realtor knows market conditions in both the neighborhood that you are looking to buy, and the community in which you are selling are very important, which is why it’s a good idea to consult with a realtor who knows your area to help make the decision.